From the organization inner-out, Trappist Dairy’s “Love and Care” message is spread to each and every one of our customers, through the implementation of social community activities and the sharing of these little stories. 

"Uncle Ping-chau"

In the early 90s, Trappist Dairy was brought to and gained remarkable public recognition on the newspaper by one of its customer, “Uncle Ping-chau”. The story starts with good deeds done by the founder, Priest Yam, who sent his care to an aged man who lived on the island Ping Chau. The priest volunteered to visit and deliver fresh, nutritious milk to “Uncle Ping-chau” regularly when he was sick. “Uncle Ping-chau” in return thanked and praised the brand on the newspaper.

The Story of Seasame-flavoured Milk 
Around year end of 2008, our customer service department received an eager request for the halted product Trappist Dairy Sesame-flavoured Milk. An old lady had been desperately seeking the drink for her husband who was seriously sick in bed, who missed the taste of the favorite drink so much.

Staff at Trappist Dairy was all touched by the story. Joining in hands together, the production and product research team resurrected the Sesame-flavoured Milk in simpler formula within short period of time. They gave the old lady all ingredients she needed, so that she could finally make the drink fresh on her own for her sick husband. 

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